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Terry Abraham

We only stock products which have been recommended by Terry Abraham who spends more time in the mountains and countryside than most outdoor experts in Europe. (Around 65% of Terrys time is spent wild camping and filming his epic movies (which can be found for sale on our site). So as you can imagine, all of Terry’s kit gets a good pounding. Each product will receive a full review from Terry, which you see will grow as the site grows. The appropriate range of our kit is also sourced and used by many military units around the world, including UKSF. So you can be absolutely certain that our products work and you will be able to narrow down your choice to only the very best.

About Terry

Terry has a passion and interest for the outdoors which is second to none. Growing up in rural Nottinghamshire he spent much of his youth exploring Sherwood Forest and working alongside his grandfather in the countryside. Often travelling to far flung scenic landscapes. Terry’s grandfather proved to be a major influence in shaping his love and appreciation for the land we live in.

Terry spent many happy days out amongst the trees, birdwatching and seeking flora and fauna - often staying out overnight in a D.I.Y shelter. So, some things don't change!

It's only in recent years he pursued his passion for the landscape in such an obsessive manner (due to a health scare), often over-ruling any other interest in his life - though his wife always comes first. Currently a suburbanite - perhaps it's no surprise he feel that longing to be back out in the countryside.

There's more to it than that, of course.

But it's where his heart lies and always will.

Terry hope’s to share with you the sights and sounds he experience’s. To feel part of the adventure of seeking shelter for the night and being at one with the landscape. Noting new places to explore and others to retread. Discovering more about the history of a particular area.

Everyday life can be quite mundane and so through the mediums of the written word, photography and film - Terry endeavours to bring you the joys he has from spending time out in the hills, woods and dales.

Along the way, Terry will be needing the very best of kit, of both the mundane everyday type, and some very specialised and unique types available. The kit that works well for him will be stocked by Uneaq Outdoor and the kit that does not? Well I guess you know what we will do with that!


Terrys Reviews


Every once in a while a new bit of kit comes along and proves to be somewhat something of a game changer; the Uneaq all terrain tent pegs could prove to be such a product. Surprisingly light and extremely strong, these pegs can literally be used on all terrains in all seasons. Pitched on a sandy beach or soft snows? No problem, the pegs act as traditional snow pegs for such ground. Happen to find the perfect camp but are unable to insert an essential peg into the earth? No worries, these pegs lie flat and grip the ground like a crampon when positioned with a rock atop. Worried some key corners of a tent may come loose from their pegs during a storm? Don't fret, the Uneaq all terrain peg will sort you out.

They look fearsome, but don't judge a book by it's cover. These pegs are surprisingly light and smooth to the touch which ironically belies their multiple intended use. The jagged edges look brutal but transpire to be soft against the hand even though they can grip hard earth or rock like glue. Admittedly the pegs come with cord to aid removal and a storage box for protection against other items, but over the past year I've not felt compelled to use them. I much prefer to store them in a tough peg bag and when it comes to taking them out when breaking camp, I use gloves or another peg to hook on one of it's integral loops to pull them out of the ground.


'Uneaq' in every sense of the word!

A do-it-all, all terrain peg that individually weighs just 25g!

Easy to use in all seasons; on sand, bog, rock and snows

Smaller than snowpegs but can be used any time of the year

Handy storage box when in transport

Great strength and extremely robust. 

Makes for a great bottle opener!


May prove too bulky for some in fair weather on easy terrain

Can prove tricky to remove embedded deep within hard surfaces, (however they come provided with cords and balls to assist. Interlocking one peg with another also helps, however gloves ought to be used when adopting this method).


Terry Abraham

Outdoors Filmmaker and Photographer 

You can peruse some of Terry’s videos and photo's via the following links:

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