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First Aid

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Sawyer Bite & Sting Kit

Removes venom from Bee stings, Wasp stings, mosquito bites, snake bites & more. The pump vacuum was specifically designed to provide the most powerful suction available for the safe extraction of venoms and poisons, eliminating the need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits. Because it's a pump and not a syringe, it's also easy to use with one hand.


Sawyer SP934 SAM Splint 36 Inch

A convenient multi-purpose splint which packs away for easy transportation This reusable roll-up version is ideal for stabilising the forearm or leg etc Can be rolled for easy storage in emergency back packs and kits Easily cut to size with scissors


Sawyer SP930 Regular Sam Splint Protection Kit

Don’t let an injury ruin your next outing. The SAM Splint is built from a thin core of soft aluminum alloy sandwiched between two layers of closed cell foam. Bent into a simple curve, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any injured limb. It’s also 100% reusable.


Sawyer SP932 Blist-O-Ban Adhesive Bandages

A NEW technology designed to help prevent blisters and hot spots before they start and to provide relief and comfort if you already have a blister. The science behind Blist-O-Ban is its patented dome, which actually mimics a blister. It glides smoothly in all directions, deflecting friction and rubbing forces away from the skin. It redirects pressure away from hot spots, preventing a blister from forming. Blist-o-ban™ bandages are also great if you’re breaking in new shoes or boots. The bandages are ultra-thin, breathable, water-resistant and latex-free.