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Source Brisk Hydration Pack - 2L - Blue & Green

Super low-profile and lightweight solution. Flat outside pocket allows storage of essentials needed on the trail.


Source Durabag Pro Hydration System - 2L - Grey & Light Blue

The Durabag cover makes this hydration system Rhino safe and adds insulation. The Pro version of our bestselling Durabag features detachable straps. Shove it into your backpack or attach it to the outside. A small pocket holds money, snacks, essentials. It comes with a weave covered tube and our Helix Bite Valve.


Source Spinner NC Kids Hydration Pack - 1.5L - Blue & Green

Light and very comfortable to wear for children: Our SOURCE Hydration Pack for Kids is perfect for adventures with the entire family. Comes with the 1.5L / 50oz SOURCE Hydration System.


Source VIM Hydration Pack - 2L - Blue & Green

Slim and ergonomic hydration pack with perfect fit. Hydration reduced to the max. Side nets and a zippered compartment make room for the essentials. Includes 2L / 70oz Widepac Hydration System.


Source Ultimate Hydration System - 3L/105oz

The Ultimate features all our innovations and experience developing hydration systems including our groundbreaking Widepac hydration system with TasteFree and GrungeGuard low maintenance technology, the UTA - Universal Tube Adapter, the Magnetic Clip and more.



The LED155 Multi-Tool comes packed with 13 tools that can help you master any task or job. Featuring multiple LEDs, a liner lock blade, among many other tools, it is a must have on your belt or in your toolbox.


Sawyer SP116 - 0.5litres Squeezable Pouch – Set of 3

The 3-pack replacement pouches are designed for use with the Sawyer Water Filter systems.


Sawyer SP131 Squeeze Filter System

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System is the most technologically advanced and durable, yet incredibly simple to use water filtration solution on the market. Winner of BACKPACKER Magazine’s highly sought after Editors’ Choice Award in 2012. Don’t ever pop a pill, pump a filter, or wait for filtered water again. With a lifetime warranty, the Sawyer Squeeze filter is truly award winning filter in the palm of your hand.


Sawyer SP150 Cleaning Coupling

The Sawyer Cleaning Coupling is our latest water filtration adapter that will allow you to backwash your Squeeze Filter with a plastic bottle. This adapter will now come standard with the SP131 as well as be available for order individually.


SP107 Sawyer Camo MINI Filter

At just 65grams, and fitting in the palm of your hand, this is simply the best there is for Weight, Size and Performance. Drink directly as a straw, attach to Sawyer Squeeze Pouches, use inline, or attach to standard threaded bottles. The MINI uses the same exclusive 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter used in our other filters. Although not quite as quick as the SP129 version, you will still be bowled over by the flowrate of this amazing little filter. The MINI comes with a 100,000 gallon (378,540 Litre) guarantee which is still the best rating there is ANYWHERE, and will last for anybody's lifetime.


Sawyer SP1181 Stay-Put Sunscreen Lotion - SPF 30 - 1FL OZ / 30ml

The Sawyer Stay-Put sunscreens use a unique “Breathable Matrix” formula that gives you the best and most comfortable protection you have ever experienced. While most sunscreens hold the lotions in the top two layers of skin, ours “bonds” with the sun ray absorbing agents deeper in the skin, getting better protection for even longer, with one application.


Sawyer SP934 SAM Splint 36 Inch

A convenient multi-purpose splint which packs away for easy transportation This reusable roll-up version is ideal for stabilising the forearm or leg etc Can be rolled for easy storage in emergency back packs and kits Easily cut to size with scissors


Uneaq Peg - All Terrain Tent Pegs x 6

Introducing our Brand New All-Terrain Tent Pegs. Designed for use in any environment, so no need to carry multiple peg types, therefore reducing overall weight. Although manufactured from incredibly tough Aircraft Grade Aluminium, these pegs weigh in at an incredible 25g each and are powder coated in bright yellow making them easy to find.


Sawyer SP930 Regular Sam Splint Protection Kit

Don’t let an injury ruin your next outing. The SAM Splint is built from a thin core of soft aluminum alloy sandwiched between two layers of closed cell foam. Bent into a simple curve, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any injured limb. It’s also 100% reusable.


Sawyer SP932 Blist-O-Ban Adhesive Bandages

A NEW technology designed to help prevent blisters and hot spots before they start and to provide relief and comfort if you already have a blister. The science behind Blist-O-Ban is its patented dome, which actually mimics a blister. It glides smoothly in all directions, deflecting friction and rubbing forces away from the skin. It redirects pressure away from hot spots, preventing a blister from forming. Blist-o-ban™ bandages are also great if you’re breaking in new shoes or boots. The bandages are ultra-thin, breathable, water-resistant and latex-free.