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Sawyer Thermal Sleeve - Camo

Why not lessen the risk of freezing damage to your filter with this Handy Thermal sleeve. One size fits the filter in any of the SP124, SP128, SP129, SP131 or SP181 models


Sawyer Thermal Sleeve In Black

Why not lessen the risk of freezing damage to your filter with this Handy Thermal sleeve. One size fits the filter in any of the SP124, SP128, SP129, SP131 or SP181 models


SP110 Inline Adaptor

Use this simple adaptor to turn your Sawyer filter into an inline filtration system for your hydration pack with this simple accessory. Compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter and the All in One Filter.


Sawyer SP170 Quick Disconnect Adaptor Kit

SP170 - SAWYER QUICK DISCONNECT ADAPTER SET (Two Male, one Female, in a poly bag). Kit contains two males and one female. Makes insertion and removal of the SP122, SP162 and SP184 filters in hydration packs very easy.


SP184 Sawyer Complete 4 Litre Water Filtration System

A complete 4-Litre system that removes bacteria and protozoa in under 3 minutes!


SP194 Sawyer 4 Litre Complete Water Purification System

A complete 4-Litre system that removes Viruses, Bacteria, and Protozoa in as little as 30 minutes.


Sawyer SP119 Tap Adaptor

Tap (faucet) adaptor for use with Sawyer Squeeze Filter and The SP128 Sawyer Mini Filter


SP115 Fast Fill Adapters for Hydration Packs

The Sawyer Fast Fill Adapters allow you to quickly fill your hydration pack with clean water without having to remove it.


SP141 Sawyer Personal Water Bottle with Filter

At just 140 grams in weight, this durable BPA FREE water bottle can deliver clean water as fast as you can drink it.


Coast HL7 Head Lamp 285 Lumens

Love our Pure Beam Focusing System? The HL7 Headlamp gives you the ability to shine a ultra wide flood beam and then quickly twist the bezel to a long reaching spot beam with transition halo so that you can be ready for anything. With our Variable Light Control Technology onboard you have the ability to adjust the light output with the control wheel to any point between the lowest low and the highest high so you can have highly personalized output and runtimes.


Coast PX10 Dual-Colour W/UV Utility Fixed Beam

Mixing 3 White LEDs and 3 Ultra Violet LEDs, the PX10 Flashlight can be used for either general uses in White mode or to identify leaks or to identify security features in either currency or identification cards while in UV mode.


Coast HP7R Rechargeable Long Distance Focusing 300 Lumens

The HP7R Flashlight is the ultimate light for any law enforcement official or serious professional by combining our Long Range Optic System with slide focus and a lightweight aluminum body. With our Flex Charge Dual Power system, this light harnesses either lithium or alkaline power and using a micro USB, you can recharge the batteries either in or out of the light. With high, strobe and low modes with the slide focus, this light is immediately adaptable to a variety of situations.


Coast G19 Inspection Beam Penlight

Not only is it ultra compact with a pocket clip, the G19 Flashlight with our Inspection Beam Optic gives you a perfect circular beam that has low glare which is optimal for up close work. Due to its small size and weight, it is a great choice for an everyday carry item.


Coast HL55 Utility Fixed Beam

Packed with 8 high power white LEDs, the HL55 Headlamp packs a bright punch and as you can cycle through high output and low output modes, you can choose between super long run times or super bright output. Using our Utility Beam Optics, this headlamp produces a diffused beam best suited for up close work.


Coast G45 Utility Fixed Beam

The G45 Flashlight combines our Utility Beam optics with a fairly compact size that is great for a wide variety of situations. It produces a wide diffused flood that is optimal for shorter distances.